version how it was

just first version from "code":

it was really funny to make it because in this "code" you have only two days for make game. and when this time was end, i have same version, but in this version nothing not work good. suddenly the "code" was extended up for 2 days and in this addition 2 days, first time i fix everything. than add pause and, one more time fix everything.  then i was try balance shop and... surprise surprise... FIX EVERYTHING. then this additions days was gone and i play in my game... and realized that I still not fix add and remove buttons sprites (i thinking about this all 3 days and forget in the end XD)   and about pause sprite, what overlap shop text box! and I noticed that I made the clicker :O

the end!


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May 13, 2018
baah!!!.exe 30 MB
May 13, 2018

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