• this is the game where you can go by use wasd
  • shoot by use mouse
  • take bodys on e
  • and skip dialogs on enter
  • This "game" not have a end!

The story is: when you land on unknown planete you was meeted by a weird computer machin. After you touch it, it merge with your body and stat drink youre powers. (what actualy not work) and you need stun aliens for grab theirs powers and parts from them. For  upgrade your self and buy parts from seller (what actualy not work too)
in ths game money is blood and organs (but, this is not done too. What a surprise!)

  • Rs11_s21_N: graphic, music and idea 
  • latewend: code and idea

thanks for playng!


time to time.zip 24 MB
time to time.app.zip 40 MB
time to time.x86_64 27 MB

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